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Plot twist: the only ones left in Magcon are Aaron and Bart

family is forever


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Check out this video of Mazzi Maz at Playlist Orlando meeting up with viewers for 7 more hours outside of his scheduled meet and greet! WHAT A GUY!

I met Maz this day when there were only about 10 people in line. He was by far the sweetest person ever I had small conversation with him and he never rushed me or my friend one bit. Where as Sam pepper couldn’t take a photo with 3 people who just wanted a quick photo. Literally only 3 girls.

So after sam said no I went back to the convention center 4 hours later i had to leave and when I did I Maz was still out there. He is defiantly one of the most genuine youtubers you can get.

I understand that the youtubers need time to relax and time to reconnect with each other. But at the same time, 8,000 people spent over $100 to meet them excluding food travel and hotels the least they could do is take photos. I’m not complaining and all but I thought Sam could’ve taken those 3 photos there wasn’t even a mod of girls he was hidden in the hot tub. I still love sam but he was my main priority to meet and I waited In his line for 2 hours and I was first in line too and the security lady changed lines for them 3 times and only a handful of people met sam and maz. Then 2 other times I tried to meet him on that Saturday. Then Sunday in the hot tub. He couldn’t have been bothered.

Honestly everything Maz said is truth.



the infamous uncut pizza at playlist live 2014


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primadonna-r5 asked: My little sister (she's 10) watches Disney like it's her religion, so I have to listen to a dog give advice to a family who's father is a therapist, a really bad nanny for kids who are neglected by their parents causing them to be extremely rude, and the sucky girl version of Zack and Cody.


This is the most accurate description of the new Disney channel shows



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